Cirque de la Mer Show at SeaWorld: An Awesome Assault on the Senses

cirque-de-la-merThe Cirque de la Mer show at SeaWorld in San Diego, California is a wonderful and wonder-filled assault on the senses. Experiencing this show is like seeing the Little Mermaid join forces with Cirque du Soleil. It lives up to its name and is a circus on the sea as we witness these acrobatic artists twist, jump, bounce, soar in the air, and dive above and in the water. It is a great show to check out to give everyone a break from trekking through the park all day. The show’s set and special effects rival any show you might see in Vegas.

The costumes are bold, bright, and beautiful making us believe these characters could really exist under the sea. It is like watching a ballet and an olympic event at the same time with some silliness thrown in for good measure. The giant trampoline wall is like nothing I have ever seen. The performers leap onto it and are propelled through the air but they somehow manage to land on the mark with such grace and precision. There are some similarities to your big top circus as the show features acrobats, hand balancers, aerialist, trapeze arts and comedy performers. This show becomes even cooler because they are doing it all 19 feet above Mission Bay. I’ll admit a couple of times the acrobatics took my breath away, once I stopped holding it.

What I really like about this show is that it is family fun at its finest.The entire show is age appropriate because I think it is should be rated “Y,” for anyone who is “young at heart.” Often times you go to a show or event and you feel like you are on the outside looking in, but this show draws you in and you feel the energy. You also get the sense of how important you are to the success of the show as your applause fuels the whimsical journey. You do not have to worry about the kids getting bored. It will bring joy to your heart when they look back at you in amazing with a big smile on their faces.

One of our favorite parts of the show is the awesome aqua-zorbing routine in which one of the performers is inside the water ball while a fellow-performer chases him around using a jet ski. It is side-splitting funny, but at the same time you realize just how much talent and control it takes to make it look so simple.

The fun doesn’t stop when the show ends. You can actually go outside the stadium and meet the performers afterwards. Something worth noting, if you are going with someone who needs assistance, you should get there early as there is limited accessible seating.
We’re told this is the 14th season and while there are lots of things to do and shows to see, don’t miss this one. Cirque de la Mer at SeaWorld in San Diego, California is an adventure neither you nor your family will ever forget. It is a memory worth making.

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