Gili Islands – Three Islands, Each with Distinct Character for a Romantic Escapade


If you have never been to Gili Islands with your romantic partner, then you’re depriving yourself real romantic escape. Why? Because in Gili Islands, you’ll find three islands, each with distinct character such as a laid-back island, the party island, and the truly touristy with Gili islands accommodation of all types, restaurants and with plenty of tourist related activities. Let’ us take a look at each island and see for yourself, which one fits your romantic traveling inspirations.

Gili Air

Gili Air is both party and commercial island where the beach is truly attractive and captivating. The beach is towards the south end of the east coast and the village is bigger as it is with the biggest population, and it’s the reason why it’s the best place to go if you want to mingle with the folks more. It also has bigger Gili island accommodation. Gili Air beach offer the best lazy beach life for those looking for quiet and romantic escapade while forsaking luxuries such as cars or motorbikes or dogs. Walking and riding the pony cart takes you around the island or to the many restaurants, bars, and shops. Most are less than 5 minutes walk or 4 minutes from the cidomo or pony cart. Another thing is, Gili Air is also a cheap romantic escape because accommodations here is with wide range of price and usually offer a Lumbong style bungalow exclusively for couples. Some are with duplex, which is a budget accommodation. There is enough space for open top bathrooms, nice bale with hammock and small garden or a veranda. There is daily housekeeping to keep off the dust whenever you drop your keys at the reception.

Gili Meno

It’s the smallest island in Gili but it’s the best place for relaxing beach holiday with someone. Although there are fewer accommodations, most are budget Gili Island accommodation. Pretty water, long sandy beach, sandy beachside restaurants and bars await you. The midrange accommodations are comparable to other midrange accommodation in Lombok and have bungalow with air-condition, and nice beachfront views. Meno cheap accommodation offers a nice hut, nice garden, warm bed, and good bathroom with fresh water. Its quiet surroundings inspire alone-moments with a romantic partner.


Gili Trawangan is the island party. If you love beach party, there’s plenty in Trawangan. If you choose an accommodation in Gili Trawangan that’s close to the party venue, you’ll find the night pulsating with the loud music and firecrackers. There are plenty of rooms for backpackers, too. The shady trees at Trawangan encourage romantic walks or romantic time at Warung benches by the seashores.

Let your romantic inspirations keep burning, go, and visit Gili Islands.

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