Highlights of Sea World in California

seaworldFamily is very important but a place to be able to take your family with you in order to make memories with them is even more important, if you are looking for a place where a family can get away to sea world is the place to go, located in san Diego California. Family friends, tourists and locals get to experience the life in a new way and in the process get to learn something new.

There are various types of passes to the location that one can opt to go for. There being the most common one which is the single day pass, here one pays for all the attractions they want to see and get to enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about running short of money. In addition there are usually a number of promotions that come with it, one is free pass for a child between the ages of 3-9 with every full pay of an adult. Other tickets and passes available are the annual passes and the multi park passes

What to see there

There is variety of things that a family in a fun day out can do in the theme park, from seeing shows to taking rides together, seeing exhibitions and of course having fun in the water, by water sliding and other water activities, which is the main attraction.

Show present consists of: one ocean where the family gets to view the known killer whales and experience o be lie them by being in their world and seeing the beautiful fountains in the process – dancing fountains and killer whales, Madagascar live! operation vacation, blue horizons, sea lions live, pets rules clyde and seamores spooky adventures and fireworks. The Manta ride known for its thrillers as one dives into the deeps and soars around, while twisting an turning giving a great rush of adrenaline to its riders. However, there are a number of rides that also give the same amount of pleasure riptide rescue, journey to Atlantis, shipwreck rapids.

Exhibitions are also available in the theme park a good example being the turtle reef in which a person is tasked with being a rescuer from the deep blue sea up to the beach surface at the same time avoiding all obstacles the dolphin point is also an exhibition one would not want to miss.

Matters of the stomach are also not left to chance as there are a number of dining areas in the park, all visitors who have come early to the park can buy their meals and have the most fun, starting with breakfast at Shamu and Santa, pizza from Mama Stella’s pizza kitchen, Or even order a Private buffet outdoor seating for the ones who wish to have a great view while dining with family. Families with young children who get to get hungry fast can have a great smoothie at fusion smoothies and sweets from sweet tides.
For all those who want souvenirs from the park they need not worry as there are a number Shopping areas .the dolphin treasures is ideal for adults as it has a vast array of items ranging from mugs, pens, cards, travel mugs and even luggage cards..The penguin gifts is the area for younger ones as it has even a new stock of penguin pajamas and slippers, thus children feel more closer to the sea life.Thinking of all that fun a family can have in an area is what many should look forward to. Booking for reservations is the first day in doing that as the sea world is a famous park and you don’t want to be disappointed on the planned date.

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