The Survivor Orca Show for Fun and Educative Vacation

Holding a family vacation is a must for everybody especially those who spend the week day to work and spend less time for children. It is very important to improve the family time.


There are many options which are available for family to have fun. For children, visiting Sea World or going for orca show will be very interesting because this might be their first experience seeing the real living gigantic fish not in a movie or in a book. It would be more than a fun since parent can use the vacation to give children’s experience and information about anything, in this case is about whale, what whale is, how they eat and so on. The show will present the trained orca to follow the instructor doing some actions such as jumping, swimming with the instructor and a lot of more. The orca show is not the only attraction because there will be another alternative to make children enjoy their time with the family since Sea World offers various activities and shows such as Journey to Atlantis, pets rule and so on.

One of the Sea World that enables to continue the orca show is Sea World San Diego. This is due to airing repeatedly the documentary “Blackfish” by CNN which showed that orca, the killer whale, in one of the Sea World had killed her trainer. The activists and public along with the federal criticize and ban the orca performance. They argue that it is a part of exploitation and endanger the human even it is the trainer and or the spectator. Some of them were banned by the federal law. This is very shocking and unexpected event for everyone especially for Sea World business because the elimination of orca show which is favorable for visitor affected the ticket selling.

California Sea World is one of the place which hugely affected by the airing of “Blackfish”. Even today we still can find the orca show in the calendar of Sea World, it does not meant that California did not proposed banning orca. Both the activist and the park officials did their best to defend their interest whether it is to banned the orca show or to continue and the Sea World gained their victory at least along 2014. California bill did giving valuable learning for everyone and this is the opportunity for the family to be eyewitness for the survivor orca show.

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