Traveling Must-Haves: Keep Your Baby Safe and Secure with Grobag

skeannie1Traveling is one of the most exciting and fun experiences but it can be very stressful when you have the young ones with you. If leaving them with the nannies or your parents is a definite no-no, then you should make sure that you have packed all the baby essentials with you. One of these must-haves is the Grobag.

This sleeping bag (or more aptly, a sleeping sack) is one of the smartest creations ever made for babies all over the world. It is very similar to the sleeping bag that adults would use for camping except that it is worn like a shirt.


It’s safe 

Kids from zero to three can get pretty fidgety while sleeping so they get tangled in their blankets easily. Others, especially those who are experimenting with cruising around the crib in their pre-walker shoes, tend to climb up the fences of the crib. More agitated toddlers find ways to free their legs in car seats and start moving around the vehicle.

This is possibly the very first thing that the sleeping sack ensures – safety. Because both the child’s feet are ‘locked’ inside the bag, they can’t really move around unless you take it off.


Comfy, sound sleep

Another feature of this specific brand of baby sleeping bag is its tog ratings. Before buying the product, check that out. Low togs essentially means it’s cool inside and high togs means that the Grobag can be toasty warm.

One mother has written a cool observation about the sleeping bag recently. She said that when she tells her toddler to take a nap in the afternoon or to sleep at night, the child would wriggle into the bag and doze off. When it’s time for her baby to do the same, she just puts him inside the bag and he sleeps very peacefully.

It would seem that kids who grew up with Grobags have associated it with sleep already – a great thing for parents!


Great for traveling

There are different kinds of Grobags – and we’re not just talking about the dozens of designs they have come up with.

You could put them inside one, for instance, even if they are wearing baby leather shoes. But do take note of the instructions as to what the baby should wear when you will be using this.

You will feel so much better driving around or even flying on a plane with your small kids when you have this amazing sleeping sack. Because they are safe and sound in these comfy bags, you feel secure too.

When traveling with kids, make sure to pack the appropriate shoes and sleeping bags, find them here



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