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Correcting Mistakes: Tilikum and the Orca Breeding Program

Breeding in captivity always seems the last resort for animals that is critically endangered in the wild. This method is employed not because animals can no longer breed in the wild but due to human-related interventions, animal pairing and rearing in the wild have been proven to be either precarious or unattainable. Marine biologist and animal conservationists still argue that for the lack of conclusive data, the status of killer whales or orcas are still to be determined. However, documented

Seaworld Brings its Captive Orca Breeding Program to a Halt

SeaWorld theme park recently made a major announcement on their company blog, concerning their Orca Breeding Program. “The whales in our facility will be the last generation at the SeaWorld California.” The theme park worked with former competitors such as the Humane Society of the United States in the development of new policies and for future partnerships as well. The blog further mentioned that by putting a stop to captive breeding, SeaWorld is angling towards an efficient future that includes

The Survivor Orca Show for Fun and Educative Vacation

Holding a family vacation is a must for everybody especially those who spend the week day to work and spend less time for children. It is very important to improve the family time. There are many options which are available for family to have fun. For children, visiting Sea World or going for orca show will be very interesting because this might be their first experience seeing the real living gigantic fish not in a movie or in a book.