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Correcting Mistakes: Tilikum and the Orca Breeding Program

Breeding in captivity always seems the last resort for animals that is critically endangered in the wild. This method is employed not because animals can no longer breed in the wild but due to human-related interventions, animal pairing and rearing in the wild have been proven to be either precarious or unattainable. Marine biologist and animal conservationists still argue that for the lack of conclusive data, the status of killer whales or orcas are still to be determined. However, documented

Seaworld Brings its Captive Orca Breeding Program to a Halt

SeaWorld theme park recently made a major announcement on their company blog, concerning their Orca Breeding Program. “The whales in our facility will be the last generation at the SeaWorld California.” The theme park worked with former competitors such as the Humane Society of the United States in the development of new policies and for future partnerships as well. The blog further mentioned that by putting a stop to captive breeding, SeaWorld is angling towards an efficient future that includes

Drive Your Travel Diaries Through an Aquatic Orbit at Sea World

For all the adventure busters and travel lovers around the globe, who have an inherent gene which exhibits desire to view everything that exists in one mortal gift of life, marine life in Sea World California would certainly cause a magnetic spell upon you. The magnitude of diversity with respect to marine life and other aspects that make a theme park, like unique shows and rides, Sea World California has a lot to offer. This particular piece of literature aims

Incredible about SeaWorld; Best Attraction Place

The next holiday is booked for you. This is month is busy, people all round are booking flight tickets, travelling to their best places which they expect to experience amazing shows and thrilling new rides. Do you want to get involved? Travel to California and get the vacation package that can meet your travel needs and budget. The new attractions in SeaWorld offer nice touches that can make you spend the entire days without weary. In fact this is one

The Survivor Orca Show for Fun and Educative Vacation

Holding a family vacation is a must for everybody especially those who spend the week day to work and spend less time for children. It is very important to improve the family time. There are many options which are available for family to have fun. For children, visiting Sea World or going for orca show will be very interesting because this might be their first experience seeing the real living gigantic fish not in a movie or in a book.

Highlights of Sea World in California

Family is very important but a place to be able to take your family with you in order to make memories with them is even more important, if you are looking for a place where a family can get away to sea world is the place to go, located in san Diego California. Family friends, tourists and locals get to experience the life in a new way and in the process get to learn something new. There are various types

Traveling Must-Haves: Keep Your Baby Safe and Secure with Grobag

Traveling is one of the most exciting and fun experiences but it can be very stressful when you have the young ones with you. If leaving them with the nannies or your parents is a definite no-no, then you should make sure that you have packed all the baby essentials with you. One of these must-haves is the Grobag. This sleeping bag (or more aptly, a sleeping sack) is one of the smartest creations ever made for babies all over

Cirque de la Mer Show at SeaWorld: An Awesome Assault on the Senses

The Cirque de la Mer show at SeaWorld in San Diego, California is a wonderful and wonder-filled assault on the senses. Experiencing this show is like seeing the Little Mermaid join forces with Cirque du Soleil. It lives up to its name and is a circus on the sea as we witness these acrobatic artists twist, jump, bounce, soar in the air, and dive above and in the water. It is a great show to check out to give everyone

Why Seaworld is the Best Holiday Destination for You and Your Family

Looking for the perfect destination for a trip for your whole family? Look no further because the Seaworld in San Diego California is the answer. It is a spectacular place to visit with lots of activities which will keep your whole family entertained. With different shows, rides and exhibits available, your whole family will be totally entertained and at the same time educated. The experience of marine life in this area is just spectacular and fun. So how do you

Its Rich History

SeaWorld, which opened in 1964, was the brainchild of Ken Norris, Dave Demotte, Milton Shedd, and George Millay. The four were UCLA graduates who were inspired by Marineland of the Pacific, the largest oceanarium in the world during that time. First, they thought about building an underwater restaurant, which would feature a marine show, but they decided it was not feasible. SeaWorld started with dolphin and sea lion exhibits and it was such a coincidence that the movie Flipper was