Incredible about SeaWorld; Best Attraction Place

The next holiday is booked for you. This is month is busy, people all round are booking flight tickets, travelling to their best places which they expect to experience amazing shows and thrilling new rides. Do you want to get involved? Travel to California and get the vacation package that can meet your travel needs and budget. The new attractions in SeaWorld offer nice touches that can make you spend the entire days without weary. In fact this is one of the best vacations that was founded in 1964 by four graduates of the University of California and owned by the SeaWorld entertainment. Let’s have a look on best things you will do that can make your holiday memorable.

Best attractions 

The place offers best attractions including 26 animal habitats, 20 shows, 10 rides, 2 play areas and 11 experiences. Special experiences on the other hand are provided including swimming with the dolphins which most people have desires to see and have fun with.



Killer whales is one of the famous shows which provide the facts about the animal and how they can be trained and cared for. The show is usually shown at Shamu stadium.

Dolphin days is another show that focuses and emphasizes on the pilot whales and dolphins. Other amazing shows may include the blue horizons, one ocean, sea lions and pets rule. So on days when you find whether the killer whales or the dolphin shows aren’t open, so don’t get stuck. Other alternative shows are provided too that are catchy and impressive.

SeaWorld sky tower

This is a 320 foot tower ride that was built in 1969. It said to give passengers an epical view of the San Diego and the SeaWorld within six minutes. While spinning slowly with the passengers, the gyro tower is said to rise at a rate of 150 feet per minute. This attraction is seen to hold behind many people who have a wish to travel and have leisure on this place.

Turtle reef 

This is an attraction that holds more than 60 turtles accompanied with a variety of fish species among many other aquatic creatures. The aquarium is made in awesome way to impress the travellers and tourists. Also a reptide rescue, a ride that is often flat is located at the exit of this aquarium.

Dolphin point

This is a multi-pool formerly known as rocky point, a popular place where different guests can have a look on dolphins. The guests on the other hand can interact with the dolphins by the help of trainers who signals them while guests are touching them. This is also the place where dolphin interaction program and encounters takes place. So if you have an interest in this area, then it’s also provided there.

Final verdict

Truly speaking the new attractions in SeaWorld has become the world’s best vacations that most people have looked forward to. If you had a plan of travelling and have leisure during this holiday, then travel to California. This is the place I would recommend you to book and visit before this holiday ends.

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