belugaIn this page, you will learn about the best attractions in Sea World California such as animal exhibits, dolphin show, shark encounter, penguin exhibit and exploration of other marine creatures. This page will also introduce the different activities that can be enjoyed in Sea World apart from animal viewing. You will also be given information about opening and closing hours, entrance rates, dining locations, exciting rides, proper behavior and dress code while inside the premises.

Sea World is a popular 21-acre park in San Diego, California. If you have plans of visiting the place, it would be helpful to read the contents written on this site first. By gathering all significant information from this page, you can create a good itinerary before your entry to Sea World. Being able to know more about Sea World gives you the benefit of saving time and effort.

This page also provides you with reviews and comments from visitors who have gone to Sea World. Whether they are satisfied or unhappy, it would be helpful to know about their stories so that you will also know what to expect upon visiting the park.

As a visitor at Sea World, you ought to know that the area is just an artificial habitat for the animals. Therefore, make it a point to behave appropriately so that animals won’t be bothered and stressed in this kind of environment. Since marine animals can possibly respond negatively to public viewers, this page will give you safety measures as well as dos and don’ts when getting a close encounter with the different marine animals

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