Dreaming of a Grand Vacation? Book a Bali Vacation with Bali Villa Accommodation!

Everyone might think it’s alright just to book a Bali holiday package and never mind about accommodation as most vacation packages are matched with a Bali accommodation. But, you might not be getting the best option and might end up staying in not so good hotel when in fact you’ve been dreaming of staying in the ever popular Bali villas like villas in Canggu. Booking your own accommodation is a better way to make a fresh start for your Bali vacation and to get the best experience from popular Bali luxury villas. Here’s why.

Villas in Canggu for example are located within the nearest beaches or resorts. You don’t have to share entrance way, as all units are with private entrance so you enjoy privacy and take the place as you own in your entire stay. Each guest is also entitled to a free shuttle service if going to Kuta, Seminyak or to other Bali famous tourist spots. Most are located in Bali city centers and oftentimes some minutes walk to the beach party area or entertainment places so every time you walk out, you’re just a minute walk from some vibrant and awesome outings. On the other hand, villas in Seminyak are near the airport and the famous Seminyak beach resorts.

depositphotos_108490340_s-2015Bali villas are famous not for nothing. It is an accommodation type that allows guests to feel at home while enjoying pampering services. Travelers like you love going out to enjoy variety of activities and retire to your accommodation for some rest. In your unit in villas in Canggu, you don’t need to be outdoor just to enjoy sport activities like golf or tennis. Your villa is equipped with small or indoor golf or tennis lawn so you can enjoy a game or two with fellow tenants or with a travel buddy. It has sundeck to enjoy the sun and the view if you feel like staying indoors. It has a pool spa to enjoy the joys of spa swimming. You can cook or order barbeque dinner to go with your favorite spirits while stargazing from your luxury Bali villas’ balcony or terrace as   your villa is your vacation haven if you choose staying indoors.

The primary reason you go on a vacation is to go away from the noise and to enjoy some quiet time alone or with somebody.  Bali villas are always with quiet surroundings besides the beautiful landscapes and gardens so you get the most from your quiet time and vacation. It is your place to unwind and a place to call a home while being away.

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