Holiday tanning solutions

Holiday TanHave you ever been in the beach filled with gorgeously bronzed bodies and you stuck out like a sore thumb because you were Edward Cullen white? There is no reason for that to happen again ever because there are numerous tanning solutions you could choose from these days.

The only question you need to ask is should I do it myself or should I go to a salon and have someone work on my body?

A lot of us have tried both. To give you an idea about each, and to help you decide what option to go for, here are the pros and cons of getting that tan in the comforts of your own bathroom or getting a salon spray tanning.

DIY Solutions

Do It Yourself tanning is a challenge. First, you need to find the right product for your skin tone. Next, you need to get a high quality product to ensure that you achieve that beautiful bronze. Third, you need to follow the instructions to the letter. Finally, you need to ensure that you are evenly tanned.

The first two are pretty easy. And right now, we’re giving you a list of the best products under this tanning solutions category:

  1. Aqua Tan (Self-Tanning Body Milk) – $42.00
  2. Dior Bronze (Auto Bronzant Self Tanner) – $35
  3. Shiseido (Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel) = $30.00
  4. Fake Bake (Self-Tanning Mousse) – $28.95
  5. Sally Beauty (Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System) = $12.99

As long as you have a companion to help you with the hard to reach places and as long as you have read and followed the instructions to the letter, getting a tan $50 or less through these tanning solutions is not impossible.

Salon Spray Tan

You don’t want orange. You want just the right kind of tan – whatever your skin color is. Alas, a lot of people hid themselves in their rooms for the whole summer because they got the right color to become an Oompa-Loompa.

This is why there are salons offering beautiful bronzed skin through spray tan machines. The process is basically the same as DIY methods except that you’ll sit inside a booth and have an expert practitioner spray the product all over your body.

The result is pretty much the same too. The shade of tan will depend on your complexion but it will last a week or so. This is a bit more expensive, though, at $100 per session.

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