Make Your Business Sustainable with Better Waste Management

Did you know you can make money out of trash? It’s 2019 and everyone’s trying to put more effort into making all businesses environmentally sustainable. From reducing plastic waste through metal straws to using cardboard balers, here’s a couple of ways you could make your life greener and maybe even make a little money out of it.

Whether it’s to avoid fines from government regulations or helping economize your waste disposal, there are plenty of options currently available for you to improve your waste management system. On an industrial level, one of the best ways you could tackle your waste management situation is through the use of cardboard balers. These are machines mainly used for recycling; in an eponymous example, it can be used to crush used cardboard and similar waste and compact them into creating another sheet. In some cases, material that’s difficult to break down such as tetra-packs can be melted down and compressed, creating a cheaper, quicker alternative for sheet metal roof tiles.

Because of its usefulness for compressing, balers are also great for saving space and reducing the traveling time and gas expenses when picking up and shipping waste, all while improving safety by keeping all stray fibers in one place and avoiding accidental fires.

True to its name, tyre shredders are heavy machinery that tears tires down to shreds, which can then be recycled for lightweight construction fill, road surfacing, or alternative fuel. Just as with any processed material, shredded tires can come in different grades, all of which highly depends on the quality of the shredder used. The finer or more robust the shreds are what determines what product it’s best suited for, such as an environmentally savvy alternative to coal for cement production or shoe manufacturing.

While cutting down trees might not be the first thing that comes across as earth-friendly, tree shredders are actually recognized as good equipment to aid alternative fuels. Instead of just cutting down trees, however, these can be used to produce wood chips from discarded piles of wood for fuel.

All in all, while the thought of using equipment such as a cardboard baler might haven’t crossed your mind as an extra income stream, you may want to put more thought into it. Aside from purely following government regulations, you would be able to fully utilize all facets of your company; improving waste management leads to a cleaner and more efficient working space, and recovers the expenses you would incur otherwise.

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