Silky Smooth Skin through Laser Hair Removal

Silky smooth skin isn’t only for the females but for the males also. With technology invading the skin care industry, flawless smooth skin can be achieved through non-invasive treatments in just few weeks. One of the latest interventions is laser hair removal. More often than not, hair is what makes the skin rough, patchy and even smelly. Whether you’re a man or a woman suffering from hair problems in some parts of your body, laser treatment is the answer for safe, painless, non-surgical hair removal. What’s important is that you learn to comply with what your dermatologist says.

Laser HairFor most women, hair on the underarm is a disgust especially that this part of the body will dictate what kind of wardrobe to wear. Apart from this, unwanted hair also grows in various parts such as bikini line, leg and face. Traditional methods of tweezing, shaving and waxing can be an abuse to the skin. Not only are these procedures painful, they too can cause protrusions and lumps on the skin. Through laser hair removal, skin on these areas becomes soft and smooth because hair is permanently taken off through a laser beam directed onto the skin. Take note that such procedure doesn’t happen only in one session. You’re required to undergo a series of treatments so that the result turns out to be perfect.

There are many skin treatments Top Ryde today, some of these are in the form of topical solutions while others are to be taken orally. Whichever the format is, consulting with a specialist is the best way to get the exact treatment. As for laser hair removal, you ought to know that this method has its pros and cons. Read on.


  • Laser hair removal Sydney is a technique that’s proven safe as performed by a specialist.
  • Treatment is considered the fastest among other forms of hair removal methods.
  • There is no pain involved as the laser beam takes care of the hair removal.
  • The outcome is long lasting or even permanent depending on doctor’s evaluation.
  • The treatment is effective in all areas of the body and is applicable to both men and women.


  • According to the FDA, laser treatment is only approved as hair reduction and not permanent hair removal. Hence, this has to be cleared out by the specialist.
  • Treatment is quite expensive and has to be undertaken through a number of sessions
  • Side effects such as swelling and itching can possibly occur however, these will disappear after a few days.

Bottom line is that laser hair removal Sydney is a method that can help you achieve smooth silky soft skin. Learning about the pros and cons will help you decide whether or not to push through with the regimen. As you can see, the ‘Cons’ are actually not that serious. Hence, you can expect that your skin won’t encounter any extreme damage upon undergoing the treatment.

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